Jazz Internet Packages All Daily,Weekly,Monthly 2019-2020

Jazz Internet Packages 4G/3G Daily,3days,weekly,monthly,and postpaid internet packages

Jazz internet packages
Jazz internet packages

Moblink Jazz Internet packages Aj Humra Topic Jazz Internet  Packages par  jis mein apko complete details se all jazz internet batye jye ge agr ap jazz user hain tu ye article apka liye faydamand ho ga aj ka article mein ap ko jazz daily internet package,jazz 3days package,jazz weekly internet package,jazz social internet package aur jazz monthly internet package ka bare mein bata jye ga agr ap in packages ka bare mein jana chahte hain tu article ko pura prhe.

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About Us Jazz

Serving over 59 million subscribers nationwide, Jazz is Pakistan’s largest mobile operator. Since our inception, over 2 decades ago, we have maintained market leadership through cutting-edge, integrated communications solutions, the strongest brands and largest portfolio of digital value added services. As the nation’s leading mobile operator and digital company, it is our goal to empower millions more with the tools necessary to progress in an increasingly digital economy. The first step is bridging the prevalent digital divide by offering uninterrupted countrywide connectivity in the shape of exclusive & personalized tariff plans that empower customers and cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people. The next step is our support of the youth by empowering them with tools to create a better future for themselves, and with expertise to create synergy with the masses, help address the socio-economic challenges. We achieve this by focusing on our core values to ensure all services and sustainability initiatives are a practical display of ‘innovation, truthfulness, collaboration, customer obsession and entrepreneurship.’

Jazz Daily Internet Package 2019

Jazz Apne users ko daily base par bhot sare packages farhem karta hai aj un sub ki details apko bati jye gi

Jazz Daily Packages Rs 11 50MBS 1 Day *117*11# Automatic Expired
Jazz Daily Social Package Rs5 500MBS 1Day *114*5# Automatic Expired
Jazz Daily data package(peak-off-peak) Rs24 100MBS for 24hours 1100MBSfor 2.00Am to 2.00Pm 1Day *117*4# Automatic Expired
Jazz Daily Social Recursive package Rs5 200MBS for Whatsapp,Facebook 1Day *455# *455*4#
Jazz Daily Whatsapp&Sms Package Rs6 10MBS only for Whatsapp 1800 sms all networks 1Day *334# *334*4#
Jazz Daily Hourly Package Rs20 2GB 2Hours *846# Automatic Expired

Jazz three days internet package 

Jazz 3Day Interenet Package Rs25 100MBS 3Days *117*1# Automatic Expired
Jazz 3Day Extreme Package Rs18 500MBS 3Day Vaild only 2.00Am to 2.00Pm *114*14# *114*14*4#

Jazz weekly internet package

Jazz weekly social package Rs50 8GB for Whatsapp,facebook,imo
(2.00Am to 2.00Pm
7Days *660# Automatic Expired
Jazz Mega Package Rs190 5GB 7Days *159# *159*4#
jazz weekly premium Package Rs132 2000MBS 7Days *117*47# *117*47*4#
Jazz weekly
Browser Package
Rs50 300MBS 7Days *117*3# *117*3*4#
Jazz weekly Streamer Package Rs80 700MBS 7Days *117*7# *117*7*4#
Jazz weekly Extreme Package Rs71 2500MBS  2.00Am to 2.00Pm 7Days *117*14# Automatic Expired
Jazz weekly
Super Mega Package
Rs250 5000MBS Besides 2500 on net,off net minutes+2500Sms 7Days *505# Automatic Expired

Jazz Monthly internet package 

Jazz Monthly internet
Rs210 2500MBS 30Days *117*77# *117*77*4#
Jazz Monthly Extreme
internet package
Rs120 5000MBS 30Days *117*34# *117*34*4#
Jazz Monthly Mega Internet Package Rs359 you need rs466 load 4200MBS 30Days *117*31# Automatic Expired
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus internet package Rs598 7500MBS 30Days *117*30# Automatic Expired
Jazz Monthly Supreme internet package Rs897 8GB 30Days *117*32# *117*32*4#
Jazz Monthly super duber card Rs600 2000MBS,MINUES,SMS150 Off net miutes 30Days *601# Automatic Expired
Jazz sim lagao offer Rs0 On-net:3000Mins (Jazz+Warid) 50 mins /day (except 6pm-10pm),Internet:1500MBs (except 9pm-1am)SMS:3000 30Days *551# Automatic Expired

Jazz Postpaid internet  packages

Jazz Monthly Postpaid Streamer Package Rs250(Tex) 2000MBS 30Days *446#
Jazz Monthly Postpaid Premium Package Rs500(Tex) 5000MBS 30Days *446#
Jazz Monthly Postpaid super Package Rs1200(Tex) 24,000MBS 30Days *446#
Jazz Monthly Postpaid Supreme package Rs800(Tex) 14,000MBS 30Days *446#
Jazz Monthly Postapaid Unlimited Internet pacages Rs2200(Tex) 50,000Mbs 30Days *446#

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